Pipe and Faucet Repair

While it may be tempting to ‘do-it-yourself’ or to hire a general installer to repair your broken or leaking pipes or to repair or replace your faucet, our licensed plumbers will handle all the unexpected problems that may occur during your pipe and faucet repair job.

Common Plumbing and Faucet Issues

There are many issues you as a homeowner may experience from a small copper pipe leak to a leak underneath your slab in the middle of the kitchen. No matter the size or severity of the issue at hand, our team will find a pipe and faucet repair solution to provide you peace of mind.

Slab Leak Repair

Slab leak repairs can be overwhelming as a homeowner. They involve chopping up floors, removing carpet, even cabinets to access the leaking pipes.

We are experts in locating slab leaks whether they are due to a leaking drain pipe, heat line, or water supply. Depending on the issue at hand, we will use alternate materials or if possible re-route the piping to alleviate the issue recurring in the future.

If you have an unknown slab leak, we will locate, plan, and execute the repair. We take all preventative measures to protect your home such as putting down ram board to protect the floors, and temporary walls to protect the home from further damage and dust intrusion.

Slab Leak Repair

Dripping Faucet

Is you faucet dripping?

When calling a plumber for faucet repair services, keep in mind the cost of hiring a qualified plumber to do the job. We are connected with local vendors who supply us with those ‘hard to find’ parts to repair almost anything we come across. Sometimes we find it more cost effective to remove the existing faucet and replace it with a new one that will serve you hassle-free for years to come.

Toilet Repairs & Installations

Toilet repairs and installations are frequently problematic – what appears to be a simple repair, or a simple install can quickly become a real headache. We understand it can be frustrating when your toilet doesn’t flush properly or continuously runs.

Our trucks are thoroughly equipped and stocked with the parts needed to repair those nuisance issues most homeowners will experience. As with toilet installation and repairs, shower and tub installations and repair can be tricky and costly – especially if working with a non-professional contractor or a do-it-yourselfer.

Toilet Repairs & Installations

Professional and Timely Pipe and Faucet Repairs Services

Let Plumbwell Services handle your next shower or tub installation or repair. Our plumbing experts will complete your project in a professional and timely fashion – giving you the results you need.

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